Sunday, Oct. 6, 1935

Awful cold, the green corn is froze. Went to Red Bud. Floyd Thompson is help out at the Texaco filling station there. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped a little while. Mr & Mrs Joe Neary – nee Martha Schilling have a little baby boy born Oct. 4. Mr & Mrs Geor. Schilling grandparents first time. Barry May has a shooting match, also one at Oak Grove; Harry Kammler is giving a dance tonite Moonlight Orch. Adm 25¢. Donahue’s got a 2nd Anniversary free dance, Carlos Orch. playing. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & took us along to Donahue’s, big crowd. We went out to Henry’s this afternoon, nobody home, was expecting Kruse to come & look at the horses, so we stayed awhile, then went to Wm. Ganley’s, but got no answer there, found out through that they were at home; but they didn’t hear us. Jack Cody was put in jail last nit, for accusing Farago for burning his barn down, one day last week; is out again now.

Wednesday, May 8, 1935

Rain this morning; then sunshine & windy. We went to Belleville, Rose & papa went to Dr. Wagner dentist, Rose got wisdom tooth pulled, terrible one, took at exray [sic] first, it grew backwards she was in the chair 2 hrs; having it pulled out, cost $5.00 wit exray [sic] $2.00 & medicine; she came home, went to bed. The stove foundry men aren’t working today, on a strike up there again, its awful. It sure is dangerous in Belleville now, there looking any time for the electric plant to blow up, people watch day & nite, found dynamite sticks all over the yard already, search every strange car that passes by, orders is if they see any one, should shout right away, its awful up there. This evening at 9:30 alarm ring, fire at Mrs. Staufenbiel’s house, papa went over; fire department came & soon had it out, burned hole in the roof on Volkman’s side, the nurse had put a grease rag in the stove & damper opened it went straight up, sparks set fire on the roof. Mr. Volkmans is getting along pretty good now, fever is gone but he is awful weak; he asked what the noise was when they started water on the roof, they told him, washing machine was going out in the shed. Good many people came right away, helped Roy was up L. Armstutz car was backed out of shed.

Sunday, August 16, 1931

Papa went to Smithon [sic] church this morn.  We had dinner & lunch at Uncle Fred’s here today.  Today is Robert Gregson’s first year birthday & is also Lena Mengs.  The way we heard Edgar Voges & Elva Jatho are being married at Floraville 2 o clock this afternoon & a big dance to night.  Gambach car was on fire & tires all 4 a hole cut in at 4 o’clock this morning.  Mildred was at the Freeburg home-coming, & this morn. Mrs. smelled rags burning, they looked & found the front seat of the car burning & tires all flat, but they don’t know how it happened or who did it or anything.  There was a car load of people here from New Athens they wanted to know where Ed Foster lives on the Hirst place we told them, there is a basket picnic there today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to see Henry Birkner’s, little baby boy born Aug. 7, 12 lbs. they called it Glen Clem, Mrs. Louise Birkner & Clem Parker where sponsors.  Christ Buehler’s called there little girl Iona Applonia, Oscar Birkner & wife where sponsors.  There was people here from E. St. Louis & bought 5½ lbs. springs for 24¢.  Rosalia & Bertille went to church this evening, not very many there.