Friday, June 16, 1939

Went to Leo’s all day, lunch, dinner, lunch. Jake helped shock, pap drove binder. Awful hot 92. Marita came along home & stayed all nite.

Monday, July 1, 1935

Reception at Ruma today. Boy! the oats bugs are awful. We washed, ironed. Henry finished cutting oats, here, had lunch & dinner. Emil came & shocked this afternoon, had lunch. It rained so heavy out at Henry’s, they had to quite [quit] cutting, so papa & Rose came home, it never rained at all here, a few drops, sure was funny, papa helped to shock. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were up this evening, they were at Buehler’s. Oliver Ruhl was here for signing of corn & hog contracts. There is 3¢ tax now after today; is 1¢ 2¢ & 3¢ on things you buy; here at Eichenseers to now. Mrs. Gambach, Stiffler’s & Ralph Raush left for California this morning. Ray Wittenauer’s now working in Mertz store on Ralph’s place.

Saturday, June 29, 1935

Henry & Emil came finished cutting wheat & started the oats; but it rained, so they finished shocking; had lunches & dinner. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Chas. Wagner were here on business. Rose & Berti went to Armin Strokis barn dance 1½ south of Waterloo, with Mike Moonlighters played. & Boy! what is hot; & nice crowd, barn, 60 x 24 new one.

Friday, June 15, 1934

Papa hauled load posts home, he & Rosalia went out to Henry’s this afternoon, had lunch, there. They didn’t get started cutting till 3 o’clock, till they had the new binder set up works fine. papa helped shock. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening; they got a letter today from postmaster Loehr of Waterloo, to come to Waterloo tomorrow afternoon, that Wm. & John Hempe, received the paper from the government, & will pay up everything. Mr. Loehr came out this evening to talk things over; the bonds aren’t in yet, come in a few day’s. Mr. Louis Dehn, was here for eggs, we only had a few; he is going to buy dewberries from Gus Blackburn 75¢ bucket.

Thursday, June 14, 1934

Papa & Bertille went out to Henry’s, Nobbe came out & they made a trade, the old binder & the mare, & $150 cash, getting the old binder, tonite, bring the new one 9, o’clock tomorrow, Christ Buehler & kids are here, going to cut wheat, made ½ around, broke double tree; they had dinner here; We all went out shocked our wheat. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s, he helped shock there awhile. We went out to Uncle Freds this evening, took his plow out. Mrs. Bill Fritsche, stopped the saloon keepers from giving Bill, whiskey. that is the third time now. Ed Schilling wedding anniversary 1 yr.

Saturday, June 27, 1931

Henry & Emil had lunch, dinner, lunch here.  Hy. Armstutz was also here for dinner he helped to schock some today.  Henry cut his oats for him too, & he smashed the binder all to pieces, he says he won’t be able to cut his at home anymore with it.  He is finished up here now.  Karl Boll & Marcella Ettling are being married & gave a dance at Brezzy [sic] Hill.  Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry & Leona all went, but we didn’t.  Bill Herzog furnished the musci [sic], they say it sure was some bum wedding dance, not many people, all was outside.  She was dressed with a white dress & hat, shoes & pale pink stockings.  Buddy & a girl from St. Louis where the attendants.  We all went over to Rennecker’s this evening, Jake Klein’s family where also there, celebrating Steve’s birthday.  He got a 1 gal. ice cream & Oh Boy was it good in hot weather?

Tuesday, June 23, 1931

Papa went out to help Henry shock the rest of the wheat, then it is finished.  He had lunch & dinner there, came home about 2 oclock.  Then we all got ready & went to Waterloo, & came by the way of Red Bud home.  This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & Mr. Hy. Stalebher to pay int for John to them, & Steve Griffin & Elmer Kammler to see Uncle Fred, about lights.  We washed, ironed, patched today & canned 2 qts. cherries that Aunt Mary brought us 1 gal. & 1 can beans.

Friday, June 19, 1931

Today is baking day.  Papa, Rosalia went dewberrying this morn, they got 3 gals.  We got 4 qts from them & rest in jelly.  Papa is helping shock wheat again, Emil is also helping today.  Papa was there for lunch dinner & lunch.  Rosalia came home to put the Berry’s away.  This evening she has to drive out & get him again.  We all went out to Uncle Fred’s this evening to pick berries, we got 1/2 gal, Lonia was picking this afternoon & she got 1 gal, Aunt Mary gave us a 1/2 gal of cherries.  We all & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary drove down to Oscars Birkner’s to pay him for the cow, but we didn’t get [out] of the car.