Friday, June 19, 1931

Today is baking day.  Papa, Rosalia went dewberrying this morn, they got 3 gals.  We got 4 qts from them & rest in jelly.  Papa is helping shock wheat again, Emil is also helping today.  Papa was there for lunch dinner & lunch.  Rosalia came home to put the Berry’s away.  This evening she has to drive out & get him again.  We all went out to Uncle Fred’s this evening to pick berries, we got 1/2 gal, Lonia was picking this afternoon & she got 1 gal, Aunt Mary gave us a 1/2 gal of cherries.  We all & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary drove down to Oscars Birkner’s to pay him for the cow, but we didn’t get [out] of the car.

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