Saturday, June 17, 1939

Went to Orlet’s; they finished cutting last nite & shocked this morn. Bert [Bertille] baked coffee cake with dewberries, & canned 2 qts. Went to Waterloo church this afternoon. Wittenauers started cutting wheat here. Mrs. Rob. Groom (Kate Birkner) is being buried this afternoon at Belleville, she died on operation table. Sure is hot, & oats bugs terrible. Louis Cawell is giving a barn dance in the new barn tonite. Susie Gal of Hills is appearing at Log Cabin with “Sons of Ozarks.”

Wednesday, June 14, 1939

Went to Orlets; picked dewberries, Rose [Rosalia] got 14 qts & jelley [sic]; they picked about 12 gals; we got 3. We had lunch dinner lunch. Jake drives the binder & Leo shocks. We brought Marita along home, they want to schock this eve. Bill [Klein] came this eve; has a new V.8 coach.

Tuesday, June 13, 1939

Raining all morn. & cloudy all day. Wittenauer’s came worked corn. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came he went to Waterloo with wheat & got oil changed in his car. Ironed few pieces. Pap picked dewberries, got pt. & 2 glasses jelley [sic]; canned 1 qt. 1 pt. beets. Eggs 13 [cents] Wheat 70.

Wednesday, June 16, 1937

We have 10 little pigs born Sun. nite. Raining this morn. baked cookies. Mr. Jake Helfrich’s wife of Belleville was taken to hospital & died; nee Mueth of Paderborn. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came this afternoon picked cherries. We went to Leo’s; picked dewberries, not ripe enough yet, picked about 1½ gal.; took few home just to eat; Rose made jelly, had lunch there. Cut lawn & broke the mower, in wheel. Went out to see Uncle Adam & Emil, he is in bed, there all day, don’t eat much & can’t sleep, has awful back pain, the doctor came when we were there, he says its old age & cold in kidneys. Emil doesn’t get much sleep either had to be there day & nite, Uncle lies nearly all day, can’t sit up & nite he sits & can’t lie down. We stopped at Henry’s on way home; they picked the cherries, ½ gal. & peas, almost milk bucket full, & ain’t finished yet; she has beets to can to; lots work.

Tuesday, June 18, 1935

We all went up dewberry picking this morn. got 6 gallons, had our baskets all filled, canned 9 qts.; cold packed, & rest in jelly, 12 glasses so far; & 5 pts. peas, also cold packed. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, he went to Waterloo; Clara Wagner came over a little, tell us about canning peas. Rain again, in showers, & awful cold, north wind. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were at Belleville Sat, to see Ivo, he was pretty good talked quite a bit. Papa got skim milk yesterday, made cheese today.

Tuesday, June 19, 1934

We all went out to Henry’s, helped wash, iron & patch, had lunch, dinner & lunch. They finished cutting wheat, used about 130 lbs. twine; started cutting oats. Emil was shocking. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came this evening, brought some dewberries along, she put away 2 gal.; nice cool evenings. Rose fixed a Whip. tire, patched it.

Friday, June 15, 1934

Papa hauled load posts home, he & Rosalia went out to Henry’s this afternoon, had lunch, there. They didn’t get started cutting till 3 o’clock, till they had the new binder set up works fine. papa helped shock. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening; they got a letter today from postmaster Loehr of Waterloo, to come to Waterloo tomorrow afternoon, that Wm. & John Hempe, received the paper from the government, & will pay up everything. Mr. Loehr came out this evening to talk things over; the bonds aren’t in yet, come in a few day’s. Mr. Louis Dehn, was here for eggs, we only had a few; he is going to buy dewberries from Gus Blackburn 75¢ bucket.

Saturday, June 9, 1934

Papa & Rosalia went out to look for dew berry, but there is none this year. It rained a little & wind. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up, we all went to the free dance at Donahue’s given by Texas Oil Co; Keohlers Orch. playing musci [sic], & a crowd.

Sunday, June 21, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for pie lunch this morn.  After mass this morn – the chances were raffled from the Pinic [sic], Tom Havey won the stove, Mrs. Hy S. Braun won the tea set, Lester Miller won a quilt, Uncle Joe won something too.  There was 5 articles raffled out.  This afternoon we all went out to Henry’s, he was up for church this morn – then went home & started cutting wheat again, Gus Geodell’s was out too, he was sitting on the binder.  We helped to bake dewberry pie.  Then it started in a raining & we went home.  George Wagners have lots of company today, it is Charles Birthday he is 4 yrs. old.  The Merhmans, Fritsche’s, Ettlings, Kammlers where all there.  It is a real lawn party.

Friday, June 19, 1931

Today is baking day.  Papa, Rosalia went dewberrying this morn, they got 3 gals.  We got 4 qts from them & rest in jelly.  Papa is helping shock wheat again, Emil is also helping today.  Papa was there for lunch dinner & lunch.  Rosalia came home to put the Berry’s away.  This evening she has to drive out & get him again.  We all went out to Uncle Fred’s this evening to pick berries, we got 1/2 gal, Lonia was picking this afternoon & she got 1 gal, Aunt Mary gave us a 1/2 gal of cherries.  We all & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary drove down to Oscars Birkner’s to pay him for the cow, but we didn’t get [out] of the car.

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