Thursday, June 27, 1935

Predigar is being buried at New Athens Catholic church & cemetery from the home of his grandmother Weber’s. Steve Renneckers Agnes Gregson’s birthdays today. We went berry picking after lunch got about 7 gallon’s; gave some to Henry’s & Aunt Mary. had dinner at Henry’s. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were up, had lunch here. We canned 2 qts berries & made the rest in jelly. Rose & Bert went to Mamie’s this evening, went sightseeing through town. Ivo Buehler was brought home from the hospital today, is pretty good.

Friday, June 22, 1934

We went out to Uncle Freds picked 1½ gal. berries, made jelly, had lunch there. Papa went out to Henry’s helped set up schrocks. Mr. Ralph Neff 25 & Annie Dietz 24 were married Sat. June 16 at Catholic Church in Waterloo, Celestine, bridesmaid, & Herman Diez groomsmen; they are going to live in St. Louis; were he is employed.

Saturday, June 11, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went out & picked about 4 gals. berries this morning. Papa went to Waterloo this afternoon, got his watch fixed. We canned 3 qts. berries & made a 1 gal ½ jelly. Harry Kammler is having a dance spotlight. Musci [sic] by the Dixie Blue Boys Am 35¢. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up to spent the week end.

Friday, June 19, 1931

Today is baking day.  Papa, Rosalia went dewberrying this morn, they got 3 gals.  We got 4 qts from them & rest in jelly.  Papa is helping shock wheat again, Emil is also helping today.  Papa was there for lunch dinner & lunch.  Rosalia came home to put the Berry’s away.  This evening she has to drive out & get him again.  We all went out to Uncle Fred’s this evening to pick berries, we got 1/2 gal, Lonia was picking this afternoon & she got 1 gal, Aunt Mary gave us a 1/2 gal of cherries.  We all & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary drove down to Oscars Birkner’s to pay him for the cow, but we didn’t get [out] of the car.

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