Friday, Aug. 17, 1934

Baked bread & coffee cake. Henry & family came up he plowed. Rob. stayed up, had lunch, supper. Leona came back this eve. & brought the kids up, they stayed here with pap; we went along with them to the carnival at the Country Club, sure beautiful, free dance, musci [sic] by Dixie Blue Boys of Belleville. Mr. Ivo Rapp & Eunice Blackburn, were married at the priest’s house here this evening 5:30. Clem Parker & Ivonne Rapp, the attendants. Oh Boy! wedding on Fri. Al. Rittmeyer sales agent for brusches [sic] was here, left us a sample brush.

Sunday, October 1, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here. Today Bill Sensels’ Barry May have shooting matches;  The way we heard, Lawrence Cortner & Hecke the marshal must have had a scrap last nite at the dance at Manier’s, both were drunk. Last nite was an all nite dance at Breezy. Ella Meng was here wanted to buy eggs, we had none. Rosalia & Bertille went to the the BaseBall dance at Kammlers, Dixie Blue Boys, Adm 25¢.

Saturday, Sept. 23, 1933

It rained all nite, & this morn. Papa went to Hecker. Martin May was to have sale today, but I guess the rain spoiled it, we didn’t go; it is still raining a little. We got letter from J. Schmidt, payed [sic] out 9 1/9% from the bank again we got $5.93 this time. Harry Kammler has a dance tonite, Dixie Blue Boy’s Adm. 25¢ each; not very much of a crowd; we went up to Eichenseer’s took it all in.

Saturday, July 8, 1933

We all went out to Henry’s threshing, but it rained before they got started, & rain all day, so a few where there for morning lunch, & the rest went home. We where there for lunch & dinner, then went home, & what a time! stuck here & there, had to push nearly all the way across the hills. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came to Hecker first, planted beans, pickles & etc, then went home. Harry Kammler is giving a dance to nite, but not much doing, Dixie Blue Bloys mussic [sic], it is still raining. We cut in about 1 gal kraut; what we took along out to Leona’s & back.

Saturday, Aug. 6, 1932

Papa got whey. This afternoon he went to Nic Noveslac Sale by Burksville station on Bozzay Place. Mrs. Minnie Staufbiuel was here & asked for to go along with us to Red Bud tomorrow morning to church. Harry Kammler is having a dance again to nite, musci [sic] by Dixie Blue Boys. Joe Herzog’s is also having another floor dance. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up to spent the weekend here. We went up to Eichenseer’s corner to listen to the musci [sic] he didn’t have a very big crowd, the weather got bad, so we went home. It rained a little, at Waterloo & Red Bud they had a good shower.

Saturday, June 11, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went out & picked about 4 gals. berries this morning. Papa went to Waterloo this afternoon, got his watch fixed. We canned 3 qts. berries & made a 1 gal ½ jelly. Harry Kammler is having a dance spotlight. Musci [sic] by the Dixie Blue Boys Am 35¢. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up to spent the week end.

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