Thursday, May 17, 1934

Emil, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry came this morn, had lunch & dinner; from 7 to 6. Cleveland worked this afternoon, – 1-6. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary left right after dinner, went to Adam Eckerts, Emmies birthday, he went over to see Hy. Kerber, came back here again, had supper. Mr. Rob. Mertz & family stopped on there way to Red Bud, see how far we was with the barn, he is going to put the tin roof on. Rosa sewed my dress today. A gang kids was here selling chances for a quilt to be raffled out after the childrens program, on May 24, we took one – 5¢. Mr. Chas Mehman of Belleville is sick. Hy. Braun of Hecker, worked so hard in the garden, that he is now deaf.

Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1931

Henry & Leona went to Belleville left the kids here. Mrs. Johnny Reheis died this morn. around 1 o’clock, she will be buried Fri. afternoon, she was sick for a time, had cancer. We all went to the wake this eve. stayed till about 12 o clock. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where going to stay all night. Ben Kerber a sales agent was here. Papa was in the woods this afternoon.

Saturday, June 6, 1931

Papa went to get crushing done again this morn, the last time they crush before harvest.  We sprayed our potatoes today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here, from here they went to Collins Sale at Red Bud, they bought a rocking chair, & a wood box.  We went to Belleville & looked at a horse, then we went out to Kerber’s sale, it wasn’t much of a sale.  It rained this afternoon by Belleville.  Rittmeyer where to have a barn dance tonight but it was post poned until tomorrow night.

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