Sunday, Sept. 12, 1937

Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary stayed awhile, had pumpkin pie. We went to Orlets this afternoon, went to New Hanover looked at pig self feeder at Geo. Lehr’s, pap bought one $17.00 delivered; we had supper by them. Uncle Fred & A. Mary came Bert [Bertille] went along to Totsch’s paderborn free dance & fish fry. music by Jake Schoenborn, Clemence Rheinhardt & Ray Geodelle & Gerhardt, Skaer’s are out, had fallen out last nite at Floraville, on account of the trial that Schoenbrook Bill Rehling had, Skaers held up for Rehling had a big crowd there. Hecker also had baseball dance, not so hot Schmidt played; not many people there, some left & came up there.

Monday, Oct. 14, 1935

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, she & Rose & Berti went to church funeral mass of Mrs. Griffin, we went up to see her last nite; looks natural & had the most beautiful flowers & so many room nearly filled; the church was crowded; Dashner Undertaker, four sons, Steve, Ed, Joe & Albert & Noel Roscow & Wm. Harbaugh were pallbearers; & Mr. Griffin, & Pearl, surviving; didn’t open it in church. Mr. Hill came got the telephone dues. Mr. Bill Lehr flus inspector was here, our chimney needs repairing. We went out helped Leona wash, took ours along to; finished it all up; cleaned kitchen. Eggs 25¢. Wm. Ganley came paid interest; stayed awhile.

Friday, April 13, 1934

Mr. Ziebold, retired miller was buried at Waterloo yesterday, awful large funeral, business places were all closed. Papa hauled posts, helped Henry this afternoon to cut some logs & haul. Cleveland helped too. Berti washed Chev. Seeley worked in garden. Our baby chicks didn’t come yet. Mr. Walter Lehr brought them this evening 209 chicks @ 7½. $15.50, all. The new Hospital in Chester which has been remodeled will now be called Riverview Hospital. Mr. Martin May has sold property to Charles & Anna Hasnedle – twp. 4-9-$1500.00. The primary election turned out with the winners Chas. Wehmeier. Dem. Co. Judge & Reb. Judge Scheinder; For Sup. of Schools; Zimmer had 26 votes & Wm. Weigand received 1 vote but wasn’t running; several others ran for Supt. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gruber of Waterloo moved to the farm of Mrs. All. Gregson. Cyrus Hill & family moved to Waynesville Mo. where he has gained a position. Mrs. Steiger, Lena Birkners great grandma died this eve. about 6 o clock, will be buried Sun. afternoon 1 o clock at “Lords Corner;” she would of been 100 yrs. old in May, she was blind & couldn’t hear for a good while.

Tuesday, August 18, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon & Leona & the kids where also here, she came up to get a bu. of peaches from Dr. Eckert for 60¢ bu. nice, she & Aunt Mary & Rosalia went over to George Wagner’s & looked at them first, she got hers there too.  Bill Lehr was here, he is going all over town taking orders.  Aunt Mary helped to peel the rest of ours & we got 6 more cans, we got 40 cans about 20 to a bu. we would have about 42 cans with those what we ate.  Al Rittmeyer was here trying to sell brushes & the like.  We sure had lot of rain & nice.

Tuesday, May 5, 1931

We are going to wash quilts today.  Leona & the kids came up.  They where here for lunch & dinner.  We washed in all 12 quilts, & front room curtains, & table scarfs, & also washed windows, & cleaned the front room.  Papa & the boy’s & Clifford where picking up rocks in the chicken yard & put them on the truck & hauled them on the road.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon, she went to the play in the school hall given by the children, there wasn’t many there, about 12 people, it is to be tonight again, but it is raining all the time.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch, she went over to George Wagner’s a while.  Tonight they want to go to Ike Napiers, it is Dorothy’s bithday & they are giving a dance party.  They didn’t go account of rain.  Mr. Jackson a medicine show man was here to see Papa, if he could stage a show on our ground by the highway for a week but Papa told him no.  So they are going to have it on the School grounds beginning tomorrow evening.  They have no tent just seats.  Mr. Peter Dehn died Mon. evening at 7 & will be buried Thurs. afternoon in Red Bud cemetery.  He was 86 yrs. old & sick about a year, most of the time in bed.  Mrs. Philip Lehr was buried this morning in Red Bud.

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 1930

We all went to Belleville today to sell some meat & eggs, we sold $8.30 meat & $9.10 for 26 doz. eggs & .35¢ a doz.  We took our old route back again.  Rosalia ran across John Kammler’s house in Belleville but they just butchered out at George Wagner’s last Saturday.  Today is Edwin Eckert’s 2nd year birthday.  It is raining.  Rosalia isn’t feeling very well this evening.  I seen in the Hecker news in the paper that “Bill Lehr” is reported to be very sick with double pneumonia.  Our Ozark Trip by Frances Schilling was also in the paper.

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