Friday, June 18, 1937

Uncle Fred took wheat to Waterloo she [Aunt Mary] stayed at Uncle Adams; he isn’t good at all. Pap went out Henry’s all day had dinner, helped finish his job. Was in Waterloo paper J. McDermott & Rose Korando were married at Ava by Fr. Schumacher on June 10 at 9 clock mass. she comes from near Cora was teacher in Jackson & Randolph for past several years. Jack still working at Security Hospital at Menard; wedding breakfast was at Logan Hotel Murphysboro, departed for short honeymoon were attended by cousin Grace Korando, & Chas. Irose nephew of groom; will make there home in Chester. Quite few weddings in Waterloo. Horn – Hergenroeder, attended by Al. & Walter Horn cousins of groom & Grace & Alice Axley cousins of bride & Werling & Rubemeyer. Dougherty nee Elvira Haudrich have a little baby born last week, now have two.

Monday, Oct. 19, 1936

We pappered [sic] the front room. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry & Leona helped; had dinner & duck supper, it weighed 5½ lbs. We went to the Democratic Meeting at Kammler’s tonite, speakers H. Jackson, Burk of Kansas. Davis of Muryphsboro [sic], had talkie picture & free beer, surely was a crowd, had a speaker, microphone, carried far; the hall was packed & other time as many out side they said, beer in all [illegible].

Monday, Nov. 6, 1933

We washed, Mrs. Kurt Boll came here on business, Ms. Ettling is cashing in her insurance policy to pay Interest. There was some kind of court in Public School Hall this morning, for about 1 hr. Homeringhausen & Hill had the case, quite a few people here, from down south. Dorn & someone from Lord’s Corner where having it about dogs killing turkeys, two lawyers Freidrich & Jackson from Waterloo where both here, the case was postponed until next week. Osie Neff was here & got sow & beam scale, Henry butchered a heifer, going to sell it around tomorrow. Acker fruit tree agent was here. Ed. Neff fixed our Whip, Rosalia but [sic – put] the key in & broke it of, he took the piece out again, we had 3 flat tires on there this morn.

Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1932

We washed, ironed. Papa is fixing us a table for flowers. Mr. Jung our egg man was here, but he only wanted to pay 22¢ so we didn’t give him our eggs, cause there that here in the store. There was a man here from Dupo wanted to sell fish @ 20 lb. we didn’t take any. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this eve, then we all went to the Democratic meeting in Kammler’s Hall. The Prairie Band of 6 piece furnished the musci [sic], Mr. A. D. Riess of Red Bud addressed the meeting, & Mr. A. A. Brands, & Harry Jackson were the speakers, lunch, of beef sandwiches, & soda. About 400 people where there, from all over. Henry was up to, he brought some potatoes here.

Friday, Sept. 2, 1932

Papa got corn farthen from Uncle Freds this morn. we are baking bread, cooking catsup, & baking cakes, coffee cakes. It is raining, this evening. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up for Phil Braun’s dance, open air floor dance, they put a tarpolian [sic – tarpaulin] over it & fixed it so no one could go in without paying 25¢, & couldn’t see from the outside because he had it between buildings. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s. got oats. Henry Jackson was there & said that he had bought a horse. Ed Schinder is plowing.

Friday, April 1, 1932

We cleaned the little chick house. Papa went out to Henry’s, help sew oats. He was there for dinner. We set 5 hens again last nite. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary are up again this afternoon making garden. Mrs. Stricker, Mr. Kumke are being buried at Red Bud this afternoon. Rosalia & Bertille had lunch at Aunt Mary’s, helped them make garden. Hy. Armstutz was there awhile too. Papa went to Red Bud to inquire from Wn. Cowell about insurance. Mr. Wise insurance agent for the Ill. State Auto Association, was here trying to insure papa in that Auto company, he & Henry both joined, payed $12.00 now, it is a jubilee, so it is cheaper. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry where here listening to him talk. Ed. Neff was here & told papa that Auto Co. was shake, him & Phil Braun where to be the represtative [sic] of Hecker, but they both went in to see Harry Jackons this evening yet, they are going to with draw now they said so Papa & Henry will to, but wither [sic] they get there $12.00 back, will find out later. A good many people from around here joined it.

Tuesday, May 5, 1931

We are going to wash quilts today.  Leona & the kids came up.  They where here for lunch & dinner.  We washed in all 12 quilts, & front room curtains, & table scarfs, & also washed windows, & cleaned the front room.  Papa & the boy’s & Clifford where picking up rocks in the chicken yard & put them on the truck & hauled them on the road.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon, she went to the play in the school hall given by the children, there wasn’t many there, about 12 people, it is to be tonight again, but it is raining all the time.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch, she went over to George Wagner’s a while.  Tonight they want to go to Ike Napiers, it is Dorothy’s bithday & they are giving a dance party.  They didn’t go account of rain.  Mr. Jackson a medicine show man was here to see Papa, if he could stage a show on our ground by the highway for a week but Papa told him no.  So they are going to have it on the School grounds beginning tomorrow evening.  They have no tent just seats.  Mr. Peter Dehn died Mon. evening at 7 & will be buried Thurs. afternoon in Red Bud cemetery.  He was 86 yrs. old & sick about a year, most of the time in bed.  Mrs. Philip Lehr was buried this morning in Red Bud.