Tuesday, May 30, 1939

Went to Tipton to 75 Diamond Jubliee [sic] & pinic [sic] of parish; we had our dinner there; & tasted sure good wasn’t so much of a crowd; about 15 priests; sure had beautiful quilts. There is a school pinic [sic] at Waterloo, church pinic [sic] at Dupo & Columbia School pinic [sic]. Hecker has bingo party tonite. Leo & family came this eve; Pap went along with them pinic [sic].

Wednesday, June 5, 1935

A man from Belleville was here & looked at the colt. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & we went to Evansville to the 75 yr. Diamond Jubilee pinic [sic],  had supper there, stayed for the evening, raffled out some very beautiful quilts on the bingo stand; some nice prizes. We also went to see Volkmann’s, papa looked at the horses. In the evening they had a large crowd at the pinic [sic], Evansville band played; we didn’t stop till the diamond ring was given away, supper was served cafeteria style, plate supper, 35¢. they charged.

Sunday, June 2, 1935

Went to Red Bud in Uncle Fred’s car; raining all morning.We went to the Evangicals [sic] summer & pinic [sic] about 6 o’clock, had supper at home. Wasn’t much of a crowd. Birkner Orc. played musci [sic]; the quilts were won by Mr. Probst, Lena Birkner & some relative of Pabpenbergs, the first was raffled off & the other 2 by playing lotto. Harry Kammler gave a dance in the evening, spoiled the pinic [sic]. Moonlighters played. Ruth Hoffman 17 yr. old.

Friday, Aug. 5, 1932

We all went to Waterloo this morning Rosalia & Leona went to the dentist. Bernice & Charles Wagner was here selling chances for 2 quilts at 10¢. for the pinic [sic] out the Aug. 21 at Manier’s park. A car ran over one of our chickens spring, so we butchered it for tomorrow dinner.

Sunday, August 30, 1931

We all went to the pinic [sic] about 2:30.  Had supper there, then went home & done the feeding & went back again, the Skaer’s boys played until 10 o clock.  We met Irvin & Jake from St. Louis, there.  The quilts were raffled to Mrs. Adolph Spalt, & to her sisters from St. Louis.  In the bleuey [sic] stand they gave a 32 piece dinner set, it was won by Leo Cortner.  Mrs. Adolph Rittmeyer died about 4 o clock this evening, her father died also on a pinic [sic] serveral [sic] years ago.  Mr. Jake Mueth [ed. note: “Jake Mueth” is crossed out] of Belleville died, & Mr. Grossman of Smithon, [sic] Marshal Hill’s fatherinlaw was found dead in bed this morning.

Tuesday, May 5, 1931

We are going to wash quilts today.  Leona & the kids came up.  They where here for lunch & dinner.  We washed in all 12 quilts, & front room curtains, & table scarfs, & also washed windows, & cleaned the front room.  Papa & the boy’s & Clifford where picking up rocks in the chicken yard & put them on the truck & hauled them on the road.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon, she went to the play in the school hall given by the children, there wasn’t many there, about 12 people, it is to be tonight again, but it is raining all the time.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch, she went over to George Wagner’s a while.  Tonight they want to go to Ike Napiers, it is Dorothy’s bithday & they are giving a dance party.  They didn’t go account of rain.  Mr. Jackson a medicine show man was here to see Papa, if he could stage a show on our ground by the highway for a week but Papa told him no.  So they are going to have it on the School grounds beginning tomorrow evening.  They have no tent just seats.  Mr. Peter Dehn died Mon. evening at 7 & will be buried Thurs. afternoon in Red Bud cemetery.  He was 86 yrs. old & sick about a year, most of the time in bed.  Mrs. Philip Lehr was buried this morning in Red Bud.

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