Tuesday, April 5, 1932

We washed, ironed, patched. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up, he helped papa to haul hay back too the straw shed for the colts, then Uncle Fred started working on his sewer & papa helped him all day, they put, 2 oil barrels in the ground. We all had dinner, lunch & supper, over there. Hy Armstutz helped a little too. This evening was telephone meeting at Mrs. Stauenfbiel’s, papa sent his dues along with Steve, he also bought our telephone Directory book, along, they have them all published now. The Myers Printing Co. of Belleville did it, they have, Hecker, Prairie, Red Bud, Waterloo, Columbia, Dupo, Valmeyer, Floraville in it, awful nice our no is 2 l 18. Henry & family came up this evening, he went to the Dairy meeting at the new school hall. Jonny Reheis in Hecker, our accesor [sic] was around today. Rosalia, Aunt Mary where at Hill’s got prune trees 2 for each one.

Monday, Nov. 9, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry, Ettling, where here digging for a pond, they had dinner & supper, worked 8½ hrs. Eggs are 28¢ today. We called for Dr. Quirin to come out & vaccainte [sic-vaccinate] our pig, the old sow, is starting to get sick now. He charged $10.95, for 10 pigs. Steve Rennecker dug up his sewer today, George Wagner & Louis Dehn helped him. Mrs. Hollerback died & will be buried tomorrow afternoon. Alfred Geodelle’s have a little baby girl. They now have 2 girls.

Thursday, Nov. 5, 1931

Today is Bertille’s birthday 17 yrs. old. Papa went out & got load of wood this morn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up today, he cleaned a little on the sewer in the basement. Bertille went along out with papa & picked hicorky [sic] nuts up. We went over to look at Rennecker’s cistern, Pete Birkner is fixing it, brick cemeted [sic] wall. Henry brought a load of corn this evening. We all & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went out to see Uncle Adam & Emil tonight. Emil is working for Joe Schilling’s shocking corn. Schilling’s have a Chev. second hand brought from Eck, Wiehl, from Waterloo. George Parker’s are building a chicken house. Eggs are 27¢ today. Papa was out at Willie Ganley’s, he lost 2 hogs & some more ready to die, they have the colerha [sic- cholera], he got them vaccaineted [sic], some where sick then already.

Wednesday, May 20, 1921

We cleaned our stove, Kitchen, basement today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch this afternoon this evening, we & Henry’s family went out there, we had pop corn.  We planted out flowers today, & gave some to Clara Wagner, Mamie, Leona, Aunt Mary.  Uncle Fred’s sewer is blocked up in there house across the street the basement has water in it.  Papa went to Smithton & Belleville, to see about selling price on hogs.

Wednesday, May 7, 1930

Rosalia drove out to get Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary.  Henry came up and then they all worked on the sewer again.  They got it finished about 4:30.  Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry were all here for dinner and two lunches.  Leona & the kids didn’t come along.  Today is Irene Neff’s birthday.  She is going to be seventeen years old.  In the evening Rosalia, Papa, Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary went to the cemetery.  After they came back Rosalia, Bertille went to church,  Aunt Mary too.

Tuesday, May 6, 1930

Today is Uncle Adam’s birthday.  He is going to be 81 years old.  It is raining again a little this morning.  Rosalia went out to Uncle Fred’s this morning and brought Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary along back with her.  They were here for dinner & two lunches.  Henry & family were all here too for dinner and two lunches.  Papa, Uncle Fred, Henry, dug up the sewer this morning.  It was blocked up but it didn’t come through yet, so they will have to work another day if they didn’t get finished today.  Mr. Hill was over a little while.  Rosalia took 4 doz. eggs to the store & got .19¢ a dozen.

Mr. George Heyl got killed this afternoon.  The way we heard Mr. George Heyl had been to the stockyards and when he was coming home he got killed between Smithton and Hecker in that creek bottom by Grohman’s.  He ran out of gas and went to the neighbor’s house to get some, when coming back a machine struck him and killed him.  There is so many tales out, that you don’t know which was the right.  Henry Gambach found him laying on the road when he came back from St. Louis.