Saturday, April 30, 1938

Rained last nite, pretty good. Bert baked cookies, cake & pie. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came brought tomatoe plants along set out 38 in truck patch; planted pumpkins. John Reheis accessor was here. Fred Weber has a barn dance tonite, called over lines. Emil was here.

Thursday, April 8, 1937

Ironed curtains, patched. Roman Meng the acessor [sic] was here. Steve Rennecker brought the boards back what he got for papering. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came Bert went along to Waterloo to Wihelm’s sale, bought flower pots, got free can paint at Hamacher’s, advertising, also got chance to win 3 articles to be raffled tonite there. Received the benefit check – $102.03. Raining & colder this eve. Literary in Public School tonite; speaking by H. Hill, Sup of Schools of Belleville. Birkners Och. & Dor. & Osc. Lippert. Eggs .20¢ today. Wheat $1.39.

Thursday, Dec. 19, 1935

Cold & snowing in morning, sunshine afternoon. Papa hauled 3 loads wood down, got the cedar tree & hauling manure. Rose baked molasses cookies. We cleaned the front room. Went out to Uncle Freds, gave them some cheese & milk. There is an awful big piece in the paper, that Uncle Fred is accessed more than all Belleville, & than 9 townships, just everything is in, what he was accessed for, sure is the limit; the Belleville people aren’t paying taxes; even some of the beautiful homes pictured in the paper were there is no taxes being paid on.

Saturday, April 7, 1934

Still cloudy & cooler. Mrs. George Parrot of Red Bud has sale today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came eve & we all went to Louis Birkner to wake, stayed till about 10 ‘ o clock; quite a few people went in & out. She sure does look natural. George Schilling will have 5 masses said for her, instead of buying flowers. Fritz Armstutz brought a nice boquet [sic]; so far the only one. A fruit tree agent was here. Werner Kammler accessor was here; this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 5, 1932

We washed, ironed, patched. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up, he helped papa to haul hay back too the straw shed for the colts, then Uncle Fred started working on his sewer & papa helped him all day, they put, 2 oil barrels in the ground. We all had dinner, lunch & supper, over there. Hy Armstutz helped a little too. This evening was telephone meeting at Mrs. Stauenfbiel’s, papa sent his dues along with Steve, he also bought our telephone Directory book, along, they have them all published now. The Myers Printing Co. of Belleville did it, they have, Hecker, Prairie, Red Bud, Waterloo, Columbia, Dupo, Valmeyer, Floraville in it, awful nice our no is 2 l 18. Henry & family came up this evening, he went to the Dairy meeting at the new school hall. Jonny Reheis in Hecker, our accesor [sic] was around today. Rosalia, Aunt Mary where at Hill’s got prune trees 2 for each one.