Wednesday, Aug. 3, 1932

Ed Scheinder was here yesterday evening to look over the ground, he wants to rent some, then he went to the dairy meeting at the new school. Ath. Russell Classen was the speaker. Today is Evansville Church pinic [sic], 3 big bands, big parade & chicken supper. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s to get a load of oats. There was a man around selling a rubber to open a tightened fruit jars. Papa got his hair cut. We planted some beans & made a patch ready for pickles, & cut in about 1 gal. kraut. This evening we all went to Zeibold’s farm & got a stack hog for $4.00. We just had got home & then company, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crowe & Mrs. Jim Crowe & daughters Ina May & Arlow [sic – Orlou].

Tuesday, April 5, 1932

We washed, ironed, patched. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up, he helped papa to haul hay back too the straw shed for the colts, then Uncle Fred started working on his sewer & papa helped him all day, they put, 2 oil barrels in the ground. We all had dinner, lunch & supper, over there. Hy Armstutz helped a little too. This evening was telephone meeting at Mrs. Stauenfbiel’s, papa sent his dues along with Steve, he also bought our telephone Directory book, along, they have them all published now. The Myers Printing Co. of Belleville did it, they have, Hecker, Prairie, Red Bud, Waterloo, Columbia, Dupo, Valmeyer, Floraville in it, awful nice our no is 2 l 18. Henry & family came up this evening, he went to the Dairy meeting at the new school hall. Jonny Reheis in Hecker, our accesor [sic] was around today. Rosalia, Aunt Mary where at Hill’s got prune trees 2 for each one.

Thursday, June 5, 1930

Today is Confirmation at Evansville & Red Bud.  Ivo Buehler is getting confirmed in Red Bud this afternoon.  Adam Eckert is his sponsor.  Father Grooten stopped here this morning and asked Papa to help work on the new school.  So Papa went up this morning & also this afternoon.  Nick Schaefer, Jos. Schilling and Jack Helfrich are working there.  We sold 26 lbs. springs .32¢ a lb. $8.32 the other day, last Monday.  Rosalia took 2 doz. eggs off and got .17¢ a dozen.  It rained a little this afternoon, but not very much.  This evening Rosalia & Bertille went up town.  There is dairy meeting at the school house & the Y.P.L. have meeting at their church.  Henry came up for the milk meeting.  He was down here a little while before he went.  Ida Kammler was sitting on the porch & we went over a little while.  Billy’s pussy’s are both gone and he can’t find them no more.

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