Saturday, March 7, 1936

Pap went out in the woods. Martin Doyle came & looked at our Clover seed, he is going to take it. Eggs 18¢ today. Geo. Wagner butchering today; got it from Joe Gregson. Berti went out first time awhile today, we sewed lettuce, side of house. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came Rose went along to church.

Sunday, March 31, 1935

Went to church, colder again today, made fire in furnace again. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped awhile then went home. Frieda Buehler called, & wanted to know if they were staying in Hecker, so most probably they will be having company today. We ate our first lettuce yesterday, dinner & supper, & today again. Boy! does it taste good. We brought Agnes Krehrer along from Red Bud, she told us that they were invited to Chas. Hepp’s this afternoon. Mildred was giving a surprize [sic] shower for Melba who is to be married to a Liefer in June. There has been 40 hr. Devotion at Waterloo these days, the closing tonite. In Chicago they had snow; yesterday. There was a collision in Hecker, in front of the church, Pete Kaiser & Frank Birkner, being Kaiser’s fault, he turned on to the road when Frank was passing, no one hurt, but cars damaged, Kaiser is going to settle it all, he just has a new V8 Ford, about a week, & now wrecked; Birkner’s fenders were torned [sic] lose, in Probst’s garage now. We went to Waterloo, attended 40 hr. Devotion, the church was filled; about 12 priests present, procession of girl’s & boy’s, priests.

Thursday, March 31, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed in Hecker all night last, & part today. She went to church this morning high mass, Fr. Jubillee 20th. there where 3 strange priests. Adam Braun & Melching where here electioneering him & Joe Brauch running for road commissioner. Papa went out to help Henry sow oats, there for dinner. We made quite a lot of garden, but is rather cold, eggs are still 9¢. The School children are having a free play tonite, all free. We had lettuce for supper, it is good.

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church. High mass & benediction & station’s this morning. We have the doors & windows open just like spring. Rosalia sewed lettuce along by the house this afternoon. Papa went out in the woods, helped Henry, Emil & Bill was helping too. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up for church this evening. We played 4 hand pinochle, Uncle Fred & I won 3 games. They say at the free dance what Fr. Grootens gave there wasn’t many people there, there was a dance out at Papenbergs the same night, Parker’s went there.

Wednesday, April 16, 1930

Papa went to Red Bud this afternoon.  Rosalia went over to Meng’s this afternoon to try her dress on.  We planted out some corn this morning.  We had lettuce today for the 3rd times already.  Bertille sold 3 dozen eggs and got .22¢ a dozen.  Rosalia and Bertille went to church to confession this evening.  We found 22 eggs.