Sunday, April 11, 1937

Went to first mass. Fr. Stern is still not able to say mass. In Hecker & Waterloo children making there solemn Commioun [sic – Communion] today. Emme Eckardt came got the veil again, getting confirmed next Sun. here. Con. Myerscough stopped in. Lester Gregsons came, pap was elected to serve as judge on town election Apr. 20. he is going to take the job. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed awhile after church. Mary Havey & man of E. St. Louis were published for last time this morn. We went out to Henkels paid for the seed $12. then went to Henrys. Uncle Fred & A. Mary came there to, we all had supper there. Uncle & pap went in woods, & Rob. also, Floyd is sick, dizzy spell he gets, cold. Set 2 more duck eggs. The mail carrier brought the rest of there chixs the same day, 250 & all were dead in box; they [Henry] wrote a letter to the co. right away but so far didn’t receive no answer; Henry said, thought the chics might of been chloroform. Cyril Haudrich is having a birthday dance at Pautlers, Am. [admission] 25 & 15¢. Skaers musci [sic].

Friday, May 6, 1932

Uncle Adam is 83 yrs. old today. We planted cabbage & tomatoe [sic] plants out in our truck garden this morning. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s got a load of wheat & took the mule home. We painted our kitchen chairs & table & varnished the floor. Adam Eckerts boy Edmund is awful bad sick, they took him to the hospital yesterday morning & today he got operated on for appendix, they say 4 ins [inches] long. Alphose [?] Parker is bad sick. Mrs. Conrad Rohleder, nee Laura Birkner, Petes daughter, took lysol & was rushed to St. Elizabeth’s hospital where she died this morning 3 o’clock. The funeral will be Monday from the home of Pete Birkner at Belleville to church & cemetery. She took it because her husband is out of work, & she was ill.

Wednesday, June 3, 1931

Walter Wittenauer is awful bad sick, they say he had 2 doctors, Mrs. Reagan is out there too, he was poisoned from the wheat.  Henry came this morning, he got Meng’s rake & put his hay up this afternoon.  He was here for dinner, lunch, supper, lunch.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where her for lunch & supper.  Mr. Hill was here & got out lawn mower, & also brought it back again.  This evening, we all went out to Gus Blackburn’s to a barn dance, there where lots of people there, they took up collection from the boy’s.