Friday, May 6, 1932

Uncle Adam is 83 yrs. old today. We planted cabbage & tomatoe [sic] plants out in our truck garden this morning. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s got a load of wheat & took the mule home. We painted our kitchen chairs & table & varnished the floor. Adam Eckerts boy Edmund is awful bad sick, they took him to the hospital yesterday morning & today he got operated on for appendix, they say 4 ins [inches] long. Alphose [?] Parker is bad sick. Mrs. Conrad Rohleder, nee Laura Birkner, Petes daughter, took lysol & was rushed to St. Elizabeth’s hospital where she died this morning 3 o’clock. The funeral will be Monday from the home of Pete Birkner at Belleville to church & cemetery. She took it because her husband is out of work, & she was ill.