Friday, May 6, 1932

Uncle Adam is 83 yrs. old today. We planted cabbage & tomatoe [sic] plants out in our truck garden this morning. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s got a load of wheat & took the mule home. We painted our kitchen chairs & table & varnished the floor. Adam Eckerts boy Edmund is awful bad sick, they took him to the hospital yesterday morning & today he got operated on for appendix, they say 4 ins [inches] long. Alphose [?] Parker is bad sick. Mrs. Conrad Rohleder, nee Laura Birkner, Petes daughter, took lysol & was rushed to St. Elizabeth’s hospital where she died this morning 3 o’clock. The funeral will be Monday from the home of Pete Birkner at Belleville to church & cemetery. She took it because her husband is out of work, & she was ill.

Friday, May 1, 1931

Rosalia & Bertille went to church this morning.  This afternoon Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s to get a load of corn.  I seen in the paper that Ervin Boo was taken to the Hospital again in St. Louis for injuries due his right knee, while playing ball last summer.  Mr. Frank Scharfenberger was buried the past week, he was 70 yrs. old, & was a monument maker & business.  The Waterloo Milk Co. office was burglarized last Sunday $100 in cash was taken & $500 worth of checks where missing.  Louis Armstutz has purchased a new ford sedan, & made his first try out last Sunday.  Bill Horn from Columbia purchase the South Side Garage from Bill Haudrich, & he is working for Schrieber’s garage at Red Bud.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up, they had lunch & supper here.  In the evening, we went to church, May Devotion.  Steve Rennecker was here & wanted eggs for setting but we didn’t have none.  Wilfred Eichenseer was just here this afternoon & got 2 settings, 30¢.  We got the chickens altogether now, so if they want them, that’s the only kind they can get.  Roy Staufenbiel was here this eve.- he came to ask for information, Robert Laut wanted to buy his house there for $150.00 & live there until he had a place to put it on.  But I don’t think Roy will do that.  We planted out cabbage & tomatoes in our truck garden today.