Thursday, Aug. 17, 1939

Went to Leo’s took peaches along for her. she [Rosalia] got 23 qts., not has 46 if they don’t spoil. Pap went to Kleins look at heifers; didn’t buy yet; we had to go home by way of Schoenborn’s, also stoped [sic], seen Mr. Schoenborn who has been paralysed [sic] for couple years; oiling the road. Raining this eve. pretty nice for quite awhile. Mary Schaefer was buried at Hecker cemetery yesterday morn; Aunt to Jac Schaefer where she made her house, old lady.

Friday, Sept. 25, 1936

Pap went out to see some people on business. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came this afternoon, he lawned. We went out to Waterloo this eve. to see Seila Sterling Circus, was the same as last year, out by Breezy Hill, & a crowd; horses danced, girl turned somersault 2 times. Mr. Ettling came paid Int. etc. this evening. Jonny Mueth is crippled a little fell from a wagon. Wm. Keorber’s by Paderborn, his barn burned down last nite about 12 o clock, wheat from last yr. & all of it this year, they thought it must of started from light plant or some how, they came home at 11 o clock & in 1 hr, the barn was all ablaze. Ambrose Doyle’s child is in hospital got operated for appendix, 4th one now.

Sunday, July 3, 1932

We went to Red Bud. This afternoon we went over to Uncle Fred’s, George Wagner’s family come & Hy. Armstutz awhile, we had lunch there. This evening they went home again. Mr. Eichenseer’s brother priest said the mass in Hecker this morning. Mr. Jac. Maurer is awful bad sick the way we heard this morn, he is paralisied [sic], he sees double out of one eye, & his tongue is all crook & swollen, he can’t hardly talk. It rained nearly all afternoon & night. Carl Quathammer is giving a dance this evening.

Friday, Nov. 6, 1931

Papa is hauling wood. We cleaned our gardens, dug up the Daliahs [sic]. Lena Meng was here awhile. Vic Eichenseer & a Purina man was here. It froze ice last night. I seen in the paper that infant paraylsis [sic] is a catching disease in Milstadt.

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