Monday, March 21, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went home this morning, then came back again, he burnt all the rubbish over there & she helped fixed Bertille’s dresses. They had dinner with us. This afternoon about 3 o clock it got right black & blue, windy, it was terrible for awhile, everything blew around, hay stack fell over, buckets, blew a window out of Horn’s house, just nearly like a storm, it didn’t last so very long, but rained, hailed a little, got colder towards evening. In Chicago they had snow storm & thunder & lightening the paper says. Papa went to Waterloo this morning there all day. Vic Eichenseer was here & delivered some feed this morning. Mrs. Eichenseer had to go into Waterloo this afternoon, it is court week. Mr. Hill went along in.

Sunday, March 20, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here, they had dinner over at there house, & supper here & also Henry’s family where here for dinner & supper. The rabbit laid 4 eggs for the boys, they had lots of fun. There where 2 ladies here bought 4 doz. eggs @ 15¢ doz. This evening after we had supper, Aunt Mary, Rosalia & Bertille went up to Lester Gregson’s & got a dress pattern from here, for Bertille size 34 just fits fine. Aunt Mary went to church, & we played 4 handed pinochle, 2 games & then 1.5 handed when she came back, we had a light lunch, they went home in Hecker stayed all night.

Saturday, March 19, 1932

Henry was up this morning. Papa went to Red Bud, Waterloo this afternoon. A lady here wanted to sell crockers to cook in $1.98 for 4 piece set, we didn’t take any. Steve is trimming trees today.

Friday, March 18, 1932

It is nice an warm again today. Papa went down to Bert Thompson to see if could make a trade, & then he went to Smithon, to Stell’s farm to see a heifer. Albert Cleveland’s family, Emil & Loui Armstutz where here playing cards this eve. The men played solo & we & rest played pinochle, Grover & Bertille partner, we won 5 games. Bertille had 1500 trump diamonds, & one time 800 kings & 300 pinochle & 100 aces. Rosalia had 1500 spades, pretty good luck. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here awhile, till church time, then went there & then home, they was afraid of there road. It rained awhile, but after ward’s clear off this evening.

Thursday, March 17, 1932

St. Patrick’s Day. It rained & thunder last night. Clarence Braun has a new Chev. truck to haul milk. Papa went to Belleville & Freeburg. A fellow here wanted to buy eggs for 9¢, but we had already sold ours yesterday. Stell was here.

Wednesday, March 16, 1932

We cleaned house, washed curtains. A man was here trying to take orders for an orphanage, he was from St. Louis, we didn’t take any. This afternoon Johson [possibly Johnson] the fellow what works for Zeibold was here trying to sell skill gas stoves, & also washing machines. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon making garden, potatoes, onions, lettuce, radishes, we helped awhile. Papa went out to Henry’s all day helping to sew oats. He was there for dinner. Jung the egg man from Red Bud was here & got 18 doz. eggs @ 10½¢. standard price, the way he said, I guess he won’t stop no more, if another egg man comes in & wants to buy our eggs for that price.

Tuesday, March 15, 1932

We washed, ironed, patched, washed the curtains. Papa went out in the woods. It is warmer again today. We cleaned chicken house this afternoon.

Monday, March 14, 1932

Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s, Aunt Mary came to, we put her quilt in the frame & helped quilt, chain. We had dinner & lunch there. Aunt Mary came home with us, & had supper. Uncle Fred went to the line meeting for electric lights at Griffins hall. There line won’t move no posts.

Sunday, March 13, 1932

We went to Red Bud. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here all day for dinner & supper. Then we all went out to Henry’s to Floyd’s birthday he was 3 yrs old. Cake, Lemonade, ice cream, where served. Geodell’s where out in the afternoon. Henry Lutker & son in law from St. Louis was here, he wants to get an egg route, we sold him 20 doz. Sun; he pays 1¢ above St. Louis No 1. price.

Saturday, March 12, 1932

It snowed this morn, but didn’t last long, & awful cold. The egg man was here again, he got 18 doz. eggs, at 9¢. they dropped ½¢ again.

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