Friday, March 18, 1932

It is nice an warm again today. Papa went down to Bert Thompson to see if could make a trade, & then he went to Smithon, to Stell’s farm to see a heifer. Albert Cleveland’s family, Emil & Loui Armstutz where here playing cards this eve. The men played solo & we & rest played pinochle, Grover & Bertille partner, we won 5 games. Bertille had 1500 trump diamonds, & one time 800 kings & 300 pinochle & 100 aces. Rosalia had 1500 spades, pretty good luck. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here awhile, till church time, then went there & then home, they was afraid of there road. It rained awhile, but after ward’s clear off this evening.

Thursday, March 17, 1932

St. Patrick’s Day. It rained & thunder last night. Clarence Braun has a new Chev. truck to haul milk. Papa went to Belleville & Freeburg. A fellow here wanted to buy eggs for 9ยข, but we had already sold ours yesterday. Stell was here.

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