Sunday, April 16, 1939

Cloudy with showers. Went to mass. Children made there first Holy Communion; all dressed in white. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary stopped in after mass awhile. Hubert McDermoot & Miss Schmidt were published for 2nd. time today. Mr. & Mrs. Lerow Haudrich are having there wedding dance at Totsch’s tonite, Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary got invitation card. The Happy Ramblers Orc. are playing & giving a dance at Kammlers tonite. Bill [Klein] came Bert [Bertille] went along to Dr. Eckerts, he wanted to pay him.

Sunday, June 7, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went to Red Bud church this morning.  Bertille went to Hecker, there where 8 children, 4 boy’s & 4 girls made there Solemn Holy Com. this morn. – & also some made there first Holy Com.  This afternoon the 8th graders received there diploma.  We all had dinner, beef soup by Uncle Freds, across the street today.  This afternoon Uncle Adam & Emil came & Bill Freund for lunch, Frank Dudenhoeffer & Mr. Woodruft, Gusta’s nephew.  They where at the pinic [sic], the Evangelicals had cold supper & pinic [sic] today, we where there a while.  Fr. Grooten or congregation gave a quilt for them to raffle in Bluey, Elmer Kammler’s wife won it.  The Wedding quilt was won by Oliver Birkner.  It was to cold for pinci [sic- picnic] today.  Papa took care of the kids, when Henry & Leona came up, they went to the pinci [sic] awhile too.  Rheinhardt furnished the musci [sic] till 7 o’clock.