Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1932

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Spalt of Pine Lawn have a little baby girl born Aug. 31. Papa went down to Hy. Armstutz, to haul out crushed corn. Henry was up & got 4 barrels of whey. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up & then went to Robert Lauts, Victoria Schaefer is there; she called out there to them & told them to come. Herman Pinkel of Waterloo died & was buried today.

Saturday, Feb. 20, 1932

Miss Pinkel was buried at Waterloo this morning. We have 22 little chicks from 2 hens, but them in the basement. Jake Helfrich’s the carpenter at Belleville have a little boy.

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1932

We went to Belleville with 46 doz. eggs this morning, sold some at 16¢ & 14 & 12¢. Bert Tomphson was here at noon. Miss Armenia Pinkel 30 of Waterloo was killed Sunday afternoon in an automobile accident & her parents Mr. & Mrs. Armin Pinkel retired store keeper was badly injured, but will recover, they where going to Long Beach California to spent sometime with the daughter there, on about 2 mon’s visit, the car ran of the road at Yuma Arizonia [sic – Arizona]. That is what the Belleville paper says.

Friday, Feb. 13, 1931

Rosalia is got them spots all over this morning, so I guess in a few days she will be alright again.  Papa took 8 doz. eggs off & got 12¢.  This afternoon a fellow from Belleville was here & looked at our chickens, he wanted to buy 6 for $1.50 a piece, but Papa wanted $2.00.  So he bought 6½ doz. eggs from the White Rocks, selling eggs for 25¢ a doz.  We got a Valentine yesterday & today, one from Rosie & Mamie Mueth.  Joe Miller from Waterloo got buried the other day, that is Bess Miller’s dad.  The transfer of Ben Schilling to Clara Braun was also in the paper.  Quernheim’s are going to have their new funeral apartment open on Main St. next Sunday from 9 to 5, everybody should come to see it.  Papa took a letter to Chicago Mail Order to the bank this morning.  Mr. Pinkel said, he would take charge of it.  That he would send it away tomorrow.  We send a Valentine to Rosie & Mamie today.

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