Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1934

Papa & Rosalia got load wood, stop at Henry’s, got the wire stretcher, to fix fence, for our sows that is going to have pigs by Sat. he put at quilt in the frame this afternoon.

Friday, May 19, 1933

Christ & Ivo Buehler where here. Bill Rechaunder [?] & Hauptfleisch where here looked at the sows & mule. He offered $30.00 for sow & 7 pigs delivered. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up all day, working there garden, we work ours, & also the potato patch. We drove out to Roy Stauenfbiel’s to look at his hogs that he wanted to sell for $1.50 a piece, but they where already sold to Arthur Hepp. Then we went to Willie Ganley’s & looked at his, & he wanted $25. It is in the paper in the transfer that Mr. & Mrs. Joe Braun sold their place in town here to J. Schmidt Receiver. Peter Watchel’s have a 6 lb. baby girl born May 15, all girls, he has 4. Barney Kaiser brought 2 loads corn today, what papa bought from him.

Tuesday, March 1, 1932

We worked on our quilt most of today. Papa went out again to Henry’s to help him sew oats, 12 bus. but it started raining about 3 oclock, so they had to quit, he was there for dinner. One of our sows died, & Rosalia went down to Eliza Boll’s & telephoned to Johnson Rendering Works at Belleville to get it, him & Romi Meng helped yet to get it, it was sick for a couple of weeks, due to vaccainating [sic]. It was rather cold today.

Saturday, Feb. 27, 1932

Bert Thompson was here & looked at our sows again. Papa got crushing done this morning, this afternoon he went to the woods to mark the trees what Ettling should take for posts & then he went down below Waterloo to a sale, bought 45¢ iron & boxes, single trees & such like. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here & then they went to visit Mike Armstutz’s. They stayed up in Hecker.

Monday, Feb. 22, 1932

Washington’s birthday, also Frieda Buehler & Martha Boll. Papa, Rosalia & Jake Neff went out to Henry’s to kill a cow. Rosalia has to stay there while they take it to Waterloo to sell it, this afternoon. She & papa where there for dinner & supper. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up then they took Bertille along to Henry’s, they bought $5.05 & summer saussage [sic] $3.45 & beef $1.60. then they brought Bertille home again, had dinner here. Joe Mueth came over here a little while & looked at our sows. They should all be having pigs & the one of them did, but where all dead. McDermott of Waterloo, & family are now living with Noel & Stella Roscoe down on the farm, work is slack, he is working for Mobile & Ohio Railroad co. Henry brought Rosalia home this evening. Bertille took 9 doz. eggs. got 11¢ doz. at Eichenseers & got the papers. Henry & Leona didn’t sell much beef in Waterloo.

Sunday, Jan. 17, 1932

Went to Red Bud church. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here all day, for dinner & supper. Emil & Uncle Adam where here for supper. Roy Stauenfbiel came to look at some of our sows. He didn’t stay very long.

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