Monday, Feb. 22, 1932

Washington’s birthday, also Frieda Buehler & Martha Boll. Papa, Rosalia & Jake Neff went out to Henry’s to kill a cow. Rosalia has to stay there while they take it to Waterloo to sell it, this afternoon. She & papa where there for dinner & supper. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up then they took Bertille along to Henry’s, they bought $5.05 & summer saussage [sic] $3.45 & beef $1.60. then they brought Bertille home again, had dinner here. Joe Mueth came over here a little while & looked at our sows. They should all be having pigs & the one of them did, but where all dead. McDermott of Waterloo, & family are now living with Noel & Stella Roscoe down on the farm, work is slack, he is working for Mobile & Ohio Railroad co. Henry brought Rosalia home this evening. Bertille took 9 doz. eggs. got 11¢ doz. at Eichenseers & got the papers. Henry & Leona didn’t sell much beef in Waterloo.

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