Saturday, May 6, 1933

Uncle Adam is 84 yrs. old today. Bertille is all broken out with the measles or the 48 hr. Freezels as they call them. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner, then we all went to Snook by Waterloo to a sales forclosures [sic] sale by Mr. Metzger, he forclosed [sic] him & sold out. The Hecker All Stars rented a piece of land from us & are working on it today, getting ball ground in order. An Inquest was held at Blackburn’s this afternoon. The Birkner boys where called as jurors, Uncle Fred was called to, but wasn’t at home anymore when they called for him. It is a real nice day & evening. Eggs are only 10¢ at Connor’s today.

Sunday, May 31, 1931

Papa & Bertille went to Smithton to church this morning, it is nice there, we seen quite a few people that we knowed.  Henry & family where here for dinner.  This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry’s family & Bill came, & we all went to the Brick House, the boy’s stayed here with papa.  The Hecker All Stars gave the dance, music from Belleville, & also Uncle Fred.  Adm. was gents 25 ladies 15¢.  Hecker ball team played Evansville today & Hecker won.  Gus Blackburn & Roy Stauenbiel played at a barn dance at Wagner’s, by Red Bud this evening.  There was also a barn dance by Joe Haudrich’s, by Rheinhardt’s musci [sic].

Saturday, May 30, 1931

Papa got crushing done.  There is School Picnic in Waterloo today, parade of the children is at 9:30.  Everything is closed today, stores, banks, barber shops, also because it is Memorial Day.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up at 10 o’clock, then we drove down to Fr. Chartres, from there we went to Polaceki sale at Fults, the May’s where there from there we came home, we hit the hard road at Parrot’s Corner, we came through a quite a few towns, & good roads, drove along the bluffs, we covered 58 miles, was back at 4 o’clock.  Harry Kammler’s is giving a dance tonight, but it ain’t so nice, cool, it rained where we were today, but not much here at home.  The Hecker ball teams played today.  The Blue Capes against the Hecker All Stars, in favor or Blue Caps, the score was 13 to 14.