Thursday, Sept. 17, 1931

Papa is hauling the fresh coal in the basement for this year.  He hauled 2 loads this morning.  Henry was here this afternoon, he was talking about getting his hogs vacinated [sic], Alf. Geodelle, Joe Schilling have there.  There are getting them vacinated [sic] all over.  Papa went over by Steve Rennecker’s awhile.  There was a gent here selling Oriental Rugs.  It is awful hot these days.  Odillo Eichenseer & 2 of his friends from St. Louis left last Friday, for Chicago, he covered a distance of 900 miles with his new car.  They took a 40 miles ride on the lake on a speed boat.  Papa was over at Rennecker’s this afternoon, & Steve he told him, today was his 40 yr. wedding anniversary, so tonight we all went, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry’s family, Gus, Klotz, Adam Brauns, Ed Neff, Gus Frisch, the evening was spent in musci [sic], cake, soda, wine where the refreshments served.  Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s this afternoon, papa had to help him, he got his hogs vacinated [sic] Quirin did the work for $8.55.  Albert Cleveland Grover where there, he brought theres up to & got it vacinated [sic], he has only the one.  The egg man was here, we sold 3 doz. 19¢.  A man selling rugs, & one taking pictures of babies where here.

Saturday, April 4, 1931

Papa got crushing done this morn.  Rosalia went to church.  Henry Braun & Willie Braun are getting there land & etc. praised [appraised] today.  Uncle Pete is one of the praisers [appraisers].  Henry & family came up this afternoon, the kids stayed here & they went to church.  The Easter Rabbit laid each of the boy’s a egg.  Benny Schilling has a new Chev. coach, got it from Red Bud.  Odillo Eichenseer got a new Chev. roadster with Rumble seat this afternoon at Red Bud.  There was a man here today trying to sell flowers.