Monday, Nov. 5, 1934

Bertille’s birthday 20 yr. anniversary. Cleaned furnace, baked. Rosalia sewed dress. The dance given in Kammler’s Hall last night by The Pals of Harmony was nothing no crowd. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry & family & Mr. & Mrs. Dan Geodelle & family were here this evening, played cards.

Sunday, Feb. 5, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went to church this morn, it was awful cold 10 above, it snowed last night, everything was white. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here for dinner & then she helped us put the quilt in the frame, & marked some off. Henry was up this morn, & got our 3 pigs & is going to put them to his sow, what just had pigs, they are nice. We started the furnace again yesterday.

Wednesday, Dec. 24, 1930

Mr. Rhein was here this morning & delivered our victrola.  This afternoon we all went to confession.  This evening Santa Claus came.  Henry & Leona & family were here all night, & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here till about 10 o’clock.  Papa got a tie, shirt, garters for Christmas.  Rosalia got 2 handkerchiefs, a box powder, perfume, garters, puff, handkerchief, 75¢, scarf.  Bertille got garters, perfume 2 bottles,powder, cat [?], 75¢, scarf.  We played victrola this evening & also 6 handed game of pinochle & Papa & Uncle Fred & Bertille were the winners.

Sunday, January 5, 1930

Henry & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here.  In the afternoon, Papa, Rosalia, & Bertille went to Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary for supper.  On Sunday nite August Blackburn had a dance but we were not invited.

Saturday, January 4, 1930

Papa, Rosalia & Bertille went to Waterloo & we had a punctured & had to get a new inner tube.  Mr & Mrs. Peter Watchel from Smithton were also here to look at our new house.  On Saturday morning Miss Leocadia Braun from Eavunsville was buried she was killed in a accident on New Years eve.  She was 25 years old.  Also on Sat. eve. Henry Ronenberg had a dance & chicken dinner & Aunt Mary & Uncle Fred were there until 2 a.m.  Aunt Mary and Fred were here Saturday.

January 1, 1930

It rained on Jan. 1st.  We had company.  Henry & Leona were here.  After they left Rosalia & Bertille went to see Mamie Eichenseer.