Wednesday, August 26, 1931

We washed, ironed, patched, Rosalia went out to Henry’s to get papa he took Henry’s team back.  Then he went up to see Uncle Adam, then they went up to Barthel’s, Papa had a talk with Nic Schaefer, about the cemetery.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon to plant rose bushes.  Papa went out to see Wm. Ganley, he bought a pig from him for $6.00.  Tonight is a public dance at Wiegand’s brick house.

Tuesday, August 25, 1931

Our company had breakfast , & stay a little while then left for Ben Neff’s.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where also over here.  Henry was here for lunch this morning.  He was also here for dinner, lunch supper.  Ed Pautler the oil man was here too, he brought Henry some oil up here.  I seen in the paper that Joe Mueth & that married Ben Neff’s daughter Minnie have a little baby girl born last Friday, it is the first born.  Frances Eichenseer’s wife of Belleville is under going medical attention at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.  Clarence Wiegand’s wife of near Smithon [sic] is also at the hospital, they also have a little baby girl, first child.  George Neff is sick with the dropsy, has changed doctors, 3 one already, he is by Osies now.  The way they say everything was free last night, played euchre free, ice cream & soda, & dancing all free.  We went down to the cemetery this evening, it just looks awful there, they started yesterday, today they never plowed they just took the tombstones & rocks & haul them out, some of them back of the house.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was there too, we took the rose bushes what was left on the grave along home, but only 2 we got.

Monday, August 24, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went out to Henry’s, Papa wants to bring the team up.  Papa was at Red Bud Church yesterday morning.  This morning about 10 o clock Anton Buehler & family from DeKalb Ill where here, then they went over by Uncle Freds, had dinner, Henry had dinner there too, he was plowing up here, this afternoon the women folks, went to see George Neff & Jake & Mr. Buehler went to see Mr. Hill.  Then we all had supper at Aunt Mary’s, then they went to Levi Gregson’s, then came back here again for all night.  Josephine, Rosalia & Bertille went up in the car & watched how many people went to the euchre.  Uncle Fred & Papa went to the cemetery to see it, it looks awful, everything plowed to pieces, right in the front, took the copings of off the graves, some of them plowed the rose bushes all out.  It rained so heavy, there where a few people around there but not so many.  Leona & the kids, came up & got Henry with the machine this evening.  Roy & Mirmie Staufenbiel where also here to see Uncle Fred.