Sunday, July 16, 1939

Went to mass. Raining all morning. Bill [Klein] & Bert [Bertille] went to Ellis Grove & to Gross Peach Orchard got some peaches, they are related to Bill; we also went to Fort Gage. Ed Brand & wife & Joe Gregson came a little while to say Hello; they were all at Emils today; going to leave for Ab. [Alabama] tomorrow evening, going to Levi again this eve. tomorrow to Heyls Bus. then to Waterloo & home again, drove from Alba. [Alabama] to Waterloo in day 680 mi. trip. Susie Gal of Hills is playing at Floraville tonite.

Monday, August 17, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went after the peaches this morn, they got 2 bus. from Gross Orchard for 65¢ a bus. there where so many trucks there loading.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up to help to peel them, we caned [sic] 32 qts. so far, the green ones we layed back, they where here for lunch & supper, we also canned 1 qt. pickles, 2 tomatoe, 1 greengage.  This evening there was a big truck around with peaches from Ava, Ill. they sold quite a few in town here, the Eichenseer’s got 8 bus. they where also 65¢ bu.  Aunt Mary & Bertille where at George Wagner’s this evening.  Henry & family where all here, he went to Eckert’s, & Kessler’s, looking for peaches.  Eggs 15¢ & wheat 42 at Red Bud today.

Saturday, August 15, 1931

Papa went to Belleville church this morning.  Emil came down a little while.  About 10 o clock this morn.- we started out for a trip, all of us, & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, took our basket along.  We drove to Red Bud, Ruma, Evansville, then to Mike Gross Peach orchard, & ordered 2 bus. 75¢ bu. they gave us some to take along, then we drove to New Palastine & went to Ed Hale sale, we didn’t stop long, then went to Walsh, from there to Baldwin, Preston, then to New Athens, Freeburg, where we took in the parade of 40 floats & 7 bands, sure was nice, then to Douglas, Smithon, [sic] Hecker, then had supper.  We exactly covered 120 miles.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went home.  Meng got his horses this morn.

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