Friday, Jan. 8, 1937

Raining again all day. Pap went to Probst’s paid for repairs on Whip. Eichenseer’s have a new clerk Hy. Huelsmann is working there now they say. Berti got the mail, The ex post master Leohr died & buried last week; he had been ailing for quite a long time. Mrs. Walter Jauger was to taken to St. Mary Hospital for treatment, Pete Hoffmann is back at home again, but still unable to work.

Friday, March 10, 1933

We fixed Aunt Marys pillow cases for the pinic [sic]. Henry & family came up, & the kids stayed here & Bertille went along to Belleville with them, & got a few articles. Ben Rausch’s farm was advertised for public auction last Sat. but no bid was made on it, so it wasn’t sold. The Schoenborn farm of 117 acres near Paderborn was sold last Sat. Mar 4, at public auction. John Schoenborn purchase the farm for $4000.00. Ed Neff build a piece to his blacksmith shop. Henry Kern recently moved from Mrs. Philip Brauns property, to Smithon [sic], Mr. Walter Hecke & family moved into Braun’s property. Henry Schenider’s daughter of Waterloo was confined to their home for having case of diptheria, & Walter Jauger having chicken pox. It is awful cold out tonite.

Saturday, April 2, 1932

Papa got crushing done this morning. Then he left & went to Waterloo then out to Farbers sale at Daisy Dell; & bought all kind of thrash. Henry came up this afternoon & got his application blank of insurance, auto & took it into Waterloo to see if he could get his money back, tonite Henrys family & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where all here, Henry drove the mule, & she brought the car. Aunt Mary brought the cabbage plants along from Jauger’s, & we planted them out, there are nice, but no frost proof, just the early plants; they where also at the sale, bought 2 buckets. We have 4 hens hatching now, so far have 32 chicks. It is awful windy & warm.