Friday, June 2, 1933

We baked bread. Papa & Rosalia went to Belleville took chickens & eggs along, eggs 8¢ chickens 14¢. Papa went out to Uncle Fred’s, with a horse trader Baur of Belleville, made no trade though. Papa & Rosalia went to Waterloo load of wheat, it is 73¢ today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came picked & stoned the rest of the cherries today. Bertille helped & had lunch there. Mr. & Mrs. Jim Beese, Doris Breutigam & Jero Collins, a grand nephew to Uncle Fred stoped [sic] short while with them, he came from California, stay awhile to visit relatives around here in this country, he hitch hiked it here to Belleville. Seen in the paper, Louis Goessling & family moved from Waterloo to Nashville Ill, where he has a position working on a road. It was in the Belleville paper that Alivra Jatho & Leslie Siebert to wed Sat. afternoon 2:30, & Clemens Mudds & Estella Miller where married at 7, o clock mass at the cathedral; both of New Athens, Ill.

Thursday, Dec. 10, 1931

We went to Belleville sold 12 doz. eggs @ 30¢ then brought there radio along out, we where there for dinner. Jim Beese & wife, John Breugtiam & wife, Fritz Armstutz where also there, fixed the radio up, they played cards in the afternoon.

Sunday, Dec. 6, 1931

We went to Red Bud church. Went out to Uncle Fred’s had dinner & supper there came home did the feeding & went back again in the eve. Henry Birkner’s family, Jim Beese & wife & Groom & wife where there in the eve, Jos. Gregson’s where also there in the afternoon & also Groom & Beese.

Sunday, July 12, 1931

Henry & family where here for dinner.  We & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went up to Smithton to the Turner pinic [sic], but there wasn’t much of a crowd there.  We met Jim Beese, & wife, & Liddie, & a few other we know.  There was people here this morning looking for shoats.  Papa went over to Freeburg church this morning.

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