Saturday, April 14, 1934

We cooked kettle soap. Papa went out too Uncle Fred also to Waterloo on business. The baseball club is giving a dance in Waterloo barn tonight, All Buchon’s band. Mr. Marshall Hill of Smithon [sic] have a little baby girl born, at the hospital at 3 o’clock this morning. Papa had dinner out at Uncle Freds. Robert Laut was here, wanted pap to vote for him, school election today, he is running for director. Clarence Wittenauer came to see papa about ball grounds, wether [sic] it was rented or not. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came, made garden up here. Ted Eichenseer came down electioneering, him & Lester Gregson are running for town clerk to be next Tues. Robert Laut 30 votes won for school director, Wm Weigand 10 votes was running against him. Thresher boss meeting at Belleville this afternoon. Planted potatoes, at the Irish road.

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1931

We baked pumpkin pies, cake, for celebrating Bertille’s birthday tonight. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up this afternoon, Uncle Fred & Papa went to see Hempe’s & Kelley. Aunt Mary & Bertille went over by Mrs. Stauenfbiel we got a slip rosebush from her a pink one. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed for supper & this eve. Henry & family came, played cards. Henry lost a little heifer today, Johnson Bro. got it. Tonight is talking movi pictures in the School Hall & Baseball Club has a dance in Kammler’s Hall.

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