Friday, Feb. 11, 1938

Pap went to Waterloo & Red Bud put ad in Saxmeyer news for sale ad. Showers today. Bert [Bertille] cleaned & quilted. Annie Jaeger of Waterloo sold her property to Sparwasser of Waterburg who will move in soon; Rahn’s will have to move, it is the next place to Geodells. Quernheim’s gave pencils away as souvenirs last Sun. at there opening; were 1600 people visited there.

Saturday, Sept. 5, 1936

Pap got load corn fodder. He went to Red Bud, put ad in Saxemeyer’s news, went to see McBride. Went to Belleville this afternoon. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, went to Belleville this evening. Rose went to Millsdadt [sic] Homecoming; this evening to see parade.

Wednesday, March 11, 1936

Cold this morn. rained, & north wind. Papa went out to see Uncle Adam, he is better again, doctor comes everyday, he was sitting up again, pap took onion sets along for Emil, & seed for Leona, they went to E. St. Louis; today. Mrs. Hill came & got 1 gal. sour milk for 9¢ all she had brought. We went to Belleville, Bert got spring hat. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here, she visited Armstutz’s this afternoon. Church services tonite; we didn’t go. Rose went to Red Bud in morn, to Saxemeyer’s change the advertisement ad in there news. Levi Gregson came & got there onion sets from A. [Aunt] Mary.

Sunday, April 12, 1931

Papa, Uncle Fred & Saxemeyer from Red Bud went out looking at some farms that were for sale.  Henry & family, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for dinner & Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary were here for supper.  This afternoon we went over across the street awhile & got some spinach roots for Leona.  This evening Philip came out & Rosalia & Bertille rode along with him down to Evansville & back, for a drive.  There was a dance in Ruma, & a play in Catholic School hall at Red Bud.  There also was a play in Smithton & one in Belleville at St. Mary’s Church.  There the thickets were sold already on Sat. they were all sold out.