Thursday, June 29, 1939

Cleaned chicken house, pap cut wheat. Went to Leo’s took hog back, & stopped at Jac Neffs longest 4 shoats $18.00. Wittenauers cutting alfalfa today.

Saturday, Sept. 24, 1938

Ralph Ettling here on business. We went to Smithton, this afternoon. Bert [Bertille] got yeast from Wagner’s took 3 bottle catsup over for Firemens pinic [sic] tomorrow, wustmarket. Wittenauers cutting alalfa [sic] here today. Emil was over got step ladder, to fix his garage door. Clyde Mueth was in Belleville jail for couple days, came out this afternoon. Beautiful eve.

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1932

Papa got some whey. The Catholic Church of Ruma have pinic [sic] today. Burcham was around selling watermellons [sic] from 5¢ on up. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped here awhile, they went down to Joe Gregson’s to get some pullets. Rosalia hemmed Aunt Mary’s pillow cases for the pinic [sic], & stamped them ready to stitch. It rained this afternoon. Papa sowed another patch alfalfa the morn.