Wednesday, June 14, 1933

Flag Day. Rosealia [sic] & Bertille went to church at Red Bud to the Wedding High Mass of Ed. Schilling & Mary Forness. Chars. Schilling brother & her sister where the attendants. The bride wore white & veil, & bridesmaid wore light pink & with white hat with pink ribbon, organdy dress; the brothers & sisters where there to; he is going to have wedding dance at Oak Grove tonite; everybody welcome. Papa got the lawn mower sharpened at Bill Fritsche for 10¢. Papa went to the pulbic [sic] Sale of Joe Braun’s property in town which was turned over to Jac. Schmidt Receiver, he sold it lots & house all for $950.00, to Lester Gregson, the only bidders where Joe Griffin, Barney Kaiser, Lester; he got it. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came this evening & we went to the Wedding dance, gave her sugar bowl & milk pitcher, Schilling’s Moonlighter’s furnished musci [sic], & a crowd. the brides slipper was sold by Gus Kabrinick brought $12.50.

Thursday, June 8, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s washed, ironed; had lunch & dinner. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here. Mr. Papenberg fell from a horse, & brusied [sic] himself pretty bad; yesterday. The Wedding dance last nite brought out an awful crowd; she received so many presents, it lasted till 2 ‘o clock; the table was set for supper after 11 in the basement, there the drinks was also had, her slipper was sold by J. Cortner brought $14. Hugo got it.