Saturday, April 29, 1939

Nice today. Went to sale Marquardts this afternoon & to church at Waterloo. Wittenauers are working ground here for corn; plowing & harrowing. Floyd had blood poison last week; alright again now.

Friday, March 22, 1935

We planted potatoes. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary made garden up here today. We went to Belleville got spring hats, etc. Aunt Mary went to lent service tonight. Mr. & Mrs. Killiam Marquadt have a baby girl born, now have 3 children. Charles & Bernice Wagner are still in with cold & fever, but are getting better. Mr. Wm. Fritsche while riding a bycicle [sic] last Sun. evening fell of [sic] & fractured his tumbh [sic], pretty bad. Papa & Rose went out to Henry’s got mule, harrowed the oats in.

Saturday, July 30, 1932

Ed Meng was here this morn, him & George Wagner are going to a sale in the bottom today. Papa went to Matt Frisch’s sale by Oak Grove, bought chicken coop feeder for $1.10, lot of people & everything brought a good price. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary Henry & family where all at Marquadt’s sale in Waterloo & bought lots of junk. George Wagners’ family where here this evening.

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