Friday, March 18, 1938

Today it is 13 yrs. of Myursboro [sic – Murphysboro] cyclone. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came pap went along into Waterloo to Mrs. Rose Kanstein’s funeral, her husband divorced was here too. Bert [Bertille] went up to church, we didn’t go to cemetery. Fr. Aydt made nice sermon, but he had to rush it a little cause he wanted to go to Belleville St. Mary Parish, his good friend Roesch was being buried, from tornado. Fr. Joe had 2 funerals this morn. 1 at 8:45 & Roesch Solmen [sic] High mass at 10:45, he was owner of Roesch Enamel plant, which was also destroyed. The pallbearers for Rose were Hy & Emil, Ben Schilling, Levi & Willie Ganley, Simon Havey; large funeral, 1 from Frank Dudenhoefers boys was here from Okla. [Oklahoma]. Mehrmann got 12 doz. eggs. 15 [cents]. Chas Helfrich got 5 bu. potatoes this afternoon. Ralph Wiegand came last nite got his what Leo brought here for hime $1. bu. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came here & Bert [Bertille] went to lent devotion. There is Literary at School House tonite, movie by Dr. Wagner, signing N. Reheis. Bert’s [Bertille] gray suit 16. came today from New York; fits fine, looks good.

Wednesday, March 18, 1931

We all went out to Henry’s.  We took dinner along out, Uncle Joe, Uncle Fred, they came down for dinner.  We helped Leona with the garden, we made the paths & sewed onions, planted 3 rows potatoes, lettuce, carrots.  Aunt Mary, Rosalia, Bertille took Uncle Fred’s machine & drove over there first & Aunt Mary got her coat, & hat, so she could go to church this evening.  Then we drove back home, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for supper, afterwards we went to church.  Aunt Mary & Bertille were over at George Wagner’s a little while.  Today is just 6 years ago of the Murphysboro cyclone.  Ralph Ettling was here this evening.  Martha Boll is home now, she has a bad cold.

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