Thursday, Jan. 11, 1934

Nice day, froze last nite. Papa & Rosalia took load to Waterloo, got 73¢, & sack soft wheat flour for $2.95. We quilted this afternoon. A dirigible went southwest, right low. There was a bunch went to Ed. Neff’s & chivaried him this eve.

Sunday, Jan. 7, 1934

We went to Red Bud, took Helfrichs along. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner, played pinochle, left about 2:30 went to see Wilfred Eichenseer, they was to bring him home about 2 o’clock. There was a bunch going to chivari Ed Neff last night, but on account of this accident they didn’t. We all went to Eichenseer’s this evening, stayed till 8:30, after the rosary was said; there were quite a few came in & out; some stayed. Angela [the deceased’s sister] takes it awful hard; not so bad on the rest of the family.

Sunday, Oct. 11, 1931

We where at Red Bud church today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up for dinner.  Today Emma Vogler & a Bickhelaupt are getting married.  They had a wedding dance at Breezy Hill we where all there.  They first gave them a chivarie that is his 3rd wife.  Then a wedding march, then the waltz for the couple.  It was a bigger crowd than last night.

Sunday, Sept. 13, 1931

We went to Smithon [sic] church.  Aunt Mary went to Hecker, he was pretty loud again today for being sick all week.  Bill Freund was here & gave us an invite to George Freund’s Sun. night for a dance.  Wiegands boy’s invited us for a dance at the brick house Wed. night.  Rosalia & Bertille went up to see Mamie & Angela this afternoon.  This evening we went to see Joe Watchel’s little boy, Papa went over to Wagners awhile.  They are chivarie Frank Krolls tonight.  Edwin Watchel is giving a dance at the brick house tonight.  Gus, Blackburn & Roy Stauenbiel playing musci [sic].

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