Monday, Nov. 13, 1933

We all went out butchering at Henry’s, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Emil helped, a pretty big one he killed, to sell tomorrow again. Bertille went to town, got a money order to Chicago Mail Order for shoes for Aunt Mary. Blackburn have a different car, chev. coach, Storall’s a Deluxe Delivery. Elmer Kammler has Harry’s, he got a second hand Chev. Clem Parker has Geo Kuhns ford coupe; & several others got others.

Saturday, March 14, 1931

Papa got crushing done this morning, & then he left for Waterloo, & then to Scheiders Sale.  Tonight is a party at Stonall’s.  Mrs. Ettling was by Henry’s yesterday evening & told them & us & we should let, Uncle Fred know, & also Emil.  Perry Laut has the measles now.  Papa bought 3 boards, at the sale today for 5¢.  He said there was such a crowd there, & lot of people from around here.  Frank Birkner is going to start in farming now.  Today he bought harrows, & at McCarthy’s sale he bought 2 mules, frame wagon, drill.

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