Monday, June 1, 1936

We washed, ironed, cleaned basement. terrible windy. A guy from Fult’s looked at our horse & pigs. Pap was over by Meng’s awhile. We cleaned the rooms over by Aunt Mary’s, accross [sic] the street there. They were up this evening awhile. Eggs are only 16¢ now. Cool nights.

Saturday, April 1, 1933

Papa got crushing done this morn. Roy Stauenfbeil & Ed Meng was here. Papa went to town. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & papa went to a sale by Fults, didn’t buy anything, they took the hard road to Waterloo, Wartbug, Maeystown to Fults & coming home they went to Prairie Du Rocher, Ruma & Red Bud. Papa rode along with them.

Sunday, March 5, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner. There where some fellows here from Fults looked at our mule. Rosalia & Bertille went along with Aunt Mary to church here this afternoon, instrutcion [sic]; stations. Alois Havey looked at our hogs & Weilbacher’s from Coloumbia [sic] came & bought our 8 pigs for $15.00. Ed. Classen was here looked at the mules.

Saturday, March 4, 1933

Today is President Rossevelts [sic] day in Washington. Papa & Rosalia got a load of wood; & stopped in at Henry’s, Cleveland’s Geodell’s, Gus & Rudy’s family where by them last nite. Had an awful heavy white frost this morn. We all went to Schmidts sale by Fults this afternoon, things brought an awful high price, we went through Cahflin [sic] Bridge & Maeystown home, meet Mr. Schilling teacher, came through Burksville etc.