Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1931

It is raining this morn.  Henry & family was here & brought the little meat grinder along, they brought a calf up to ship with Eichenseer.  We washed, ironed & patched today.  There where 4 men going around today selling a book “Delinator” for 7¢ mo. & receive a cook book or a dress making book.  We didn’t take it.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up to pump the water out of the cellar this afternoon.  Papa got a Int. check from Hempe, part of it $40.00 pay the rest next week.  Louis Armstutz helped out in “Staggy” Helfrich’s barber shop a few days, “Staggy” has a sore finger.  We went out to Uncle Fred’s & had a pinochle game.  Papa & Aunt Mary against Uncle Fred & Rosalia & Bertille in favor of Pap & Aunt Mary 2 games.  We ate Watermelons, there a 35 lb. one.

Friday, August 14, 1931

Papa went to the barber shop this morn.  The way we heard Elmer Kammler bought Mrs. Lutz’s house for $900.  This afternoon Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & then she went along with us to Belleville.  We all went to confession.  We helped Uncle Fred to make root beer this evening, then they came over & sat on our porch until bed time, they stayed up here tonight.

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