Saturday, May 9, 1931

I seen in the paper that Fritzie Boo had his leg taken off now, & is getting along nicely.  Martin Schilling’s have a little baby girl, they now have 2 boy’s & 2 girls.  Papa went down to the truck patch & planted pickle seed, he was over by Louis Armstutz’s a little while he called him over there.  Rosalia & Bertille went to the Jackson’s show tonight, & the people there, it was sure a crowd, most of them with there parked cars, they sold soap, medicine, & candy, it had slips in the boxes, Harold Wagner had one with it he got a big Indian Blanket, Rosalia [Rosalie?] Braun, Meba Hepp got teaspoons, Henry Bruns a mirrow, & many others received prizes.  They played the show “Crazy House” it was good.  They also gave free attendance thickes [tickets] out, we got 3 of them, chances to win a blanket.


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