Friday, Jan. 6, 1933

Papa pumped the water out of Uncle Fred’s cellar this morning. Mr. Rennecker & Hy Armstutz are butchering 1 hog at Mrs. Arns today. Bertille got the papers. Mr Wm. Laut & Mr. John Hepp are awful bad sick no hopes for recovery. Mr. Laut got a light stroke again. Mr. Hepp here in town has kidney trouble. There is a big free dance tonite at the Odd Fellow Hall at Waterloo. Seen in the paper that Wm. Sensel’s mother, Mrs. Mary Sensel was buried last Sun. afternoon at Waterloo 74 yrs. old; her husband preceded her in death about 2 yrs. ago. Dr. Sennot died, most probably be buried this afternoon, being ill for several months, in former years, he practice as his doctor in Hecker for several yrs. According to Bill Kleyer’s onion, this is supposed to be a very dry year. Sheriff Al Gaven took Wm. Zimmer Jr. to the Vandalia Penal Farm last Friday. Alf. Mueller who was clerk at Connor’s Store is now employed at Gauen’s Store since the first & Joe Johnson is now employed at Connor’s.

Monday, June 6, 1932

We had wash day. It is awful hot. The School children of the Catholic School had, a play last night. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here awhile, they are working in town today. Mr. Biebel & a truck from Vandalia came this morning & got the other colt, took it over to Meng’s & loaded it. Hy. Armstutz got our rake & brought it back again this afternoon. An eye doctor was around this morning. eggs are 8¢, papa took 12 doz. off.

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