Sunday, July 16, 1933

We went to church, nice, cool day, turner pinic [sic] at Smithon [sic]. Uncle Joe was here, wanted to pay Rosalia for threshing, but neither new what they take; so he is going to wait awhile. We sold 11 doz. eggs 12ยข. Mr. & Mrs. Zimmer, & Mrs. Vogel & Rose, where looking at Aunt Mary’s house, they are going to rent 3 rooms, that is the Mrs. & Rose the teacher for McQuillian School; $6.00 mo. house & garage. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch, then we all went to Turner Pinic [sic] at Smithon [sic]; this evening, cool nights here later.

Wednesday, March 23, 1932

Henry was here & got the rest of his hay & hog. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon to keep house in Hecker for a few days. This evening she went along with us to Red Bud to confession & service. We went to see Mrs. McQullian in the hospital but she had already retired, so we couldn’t get to see her, she was feeling bad.

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