Tuesday, June 14, 1932

We picked beans for the first time this year, for dinner. Henry & family for here for dinner & lunch, he cut wheat till about 3:30 & started to get black & real windy, it looked awful, had a little rain. Bert Thompson gave us an invitation for a birthday dance in Weber’s barn, it is Mr. Weber’s birthday, but it turned out to be a bad night, rain; so we didn’t go. George Wagner came over here a little while this evening.

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1931

Aunt Mary gave us some pickles, & we canned 2 qts.  Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s to help can peaches, 9 qts. & 4 qts. beans, 6 pints pickles, she canned 16 qts tomatoes, got them from Aunt Lizzie for nothing, all real big tomatoes.  We had dinner there.  Papa was hauling wood.  Osie Neff was here & Clifford Stalbber was here & got 2½ doz. eggs @ 18¢.  There a lot of people working at the cemetery trying to help get it leveled off before tomorrow.  Today is Creses birthday 19 yrs. old.

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