Tuesday, July 21, 1931

This morning our cistern is full again.  Papa went up town this morn.  We dug a bucket full of straw potatoes, & planted some more pickle seed, & turnip seed.  Papa & Rosalia fixed fenced this afternoon.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where up again this afternoon.  We all had lunch there.  We helped her scrubb [sic] the porch & rooms.  I seen in the paper today that Clarence Rittinhouse 26 & Arthur Meuth had a serious accident last Sat. night at 10 o clock.  On the Belleville bridge right south edge of town, he met a car & the lights blinded him & he side swiped a third car coming, & his machine ran of the pavement & down the bankment of, the down in there, the machine caught fire & Rettinghouse was burnt arms & legs, he still in the hospital & the ambulance was called to take Mueth to the hospital, but he was discharged after treatment.  Rettinghouse & Zollmer the car which was damaged they will settle it between themselves.

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