Sunday, June 14, 1931

Today is Pinic [sic] in Floraville & one at the Round Prarie [sic] Church, on the hill.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed at Hecker all night, ready for church this morning.  We where at there place for dinner & lunch.  Hy. Armstutz stopped when he came home from the ball game.  Ben Rausch stopped & invited us all to come to the barn dance tonight at Webers, to surprize [sic] him on his birthday.  So we all went, it was mostly all old people there.  Sthiel & Herzog furnished musci [sic].  Papa & Rosalia went to Waterloo Church this morning, we went to Hecker, it was out in a hurry, no sermon & low mass, because he tought [sic – thought] the people where tired from the pinic [sic].

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