Tuesday, Aug. 2, 1932

We washed & ironed, patched. George Wagner & kids where here awhile. Strodt was here from Burksville & wanted to buy a house, but it was too much money for him. Jack Ganley bought $30.00 part interest this morn. he works at Phil Braun’s helping to build a shed; they had frolic yesterday putting it up, they called over the lines, everybody was welcome to help. It rained this afternoon. We heard there where 5 families from the city moving out to Lords Corner, all boys that where raised in Lords Corner, starting in farming. Nick Frisch from that corner is moving on Wm. Sheets place by New Athens. Papa sewed alfalfa seed this afternoon, with Meng’s sewer.

Saturday, April 16, 1932

Papa got crushing done this morn. this afternoon him & Bertille went to Wm. Sheets sale, but didn’t buy anything. Greg. McCarthy the Hecker school teacher quite [sic – quit] his term here, & received his full pay, the directors where going to fire him, school was supposed to be out Apr. 29, but now I guess it’ out already. Wm. Harbaugh’s boy is in Red Bud hospital got operated for appendix. He is about 4 yrs. old. It was already bust open when he got there.

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