Sunday, Jan. 6, 1935

Went to Red Bud late mass. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came had dinner here. Josie Keller went out to there place, she went to Oscar’s then for dinner; papa & Uncle Fred went out & pushed her car out, sticking fast in there lane out there; had supper here, & stayed in Hecker all night. Lena Meng came over this afternoon, we had 6 hand pinochle game; she paid Uncle Fred Interest. Miss Keller came this evening, she spent all afternoon at Oscars; this evening till 9:30 up here; played 500 Rummy. She didn’t no [sic – know] much news.

Thursday, Dec. 28, 1933

We ironed, patched. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were up by the doctors, & called here a few minutes. Today the City Hall of Waterloo gets didacted [? – unclear] from two o clock, the bank will play, & will probably close with a dance tonight. The Eichenseer kids are skating on our pond. Klotz stoped [sic] & said, he would get the hog tomorrow & butcher, we played 500 rummy this evening.

Friday, Dec. 22, 1933

Rosalia & Bertille went out to the Blackburn School to there Christmas program; that they had, it was nice, Santa Claus, Cleveland was there, & lots more, & crowded. Rosalia got Christmas parcel from J. Keller, a curling iron. Helfrich brought the last of the corn today. Rosalia & Bertie went up to see Angela this evening, played 500 rummy & pinochle; Lucinda is getting along fairly well. has her head bandaged.