Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1931

Leona & the kids where up we washed, all her quilts & ours.  She took a basket green tomatoes & some ripe ones, along home.  They & Bertille went down to the molasses factory, she left at 2 gal. jar there to get filled with foam.  They told us down there about Bug Schaefer getting married & a wedding dance at Brezzy [sic] Hill tonight.  We all went & had a good time, the Melody Club furnished the musci [sic].  They had double bridesmaids, & a crowd, the hall was packed.

Sunday, May 24, 1931

Leona was up for 1st mass & Henry at late, today Henry is 27 yrs. old & also there wedding anniversary.  We went out right after church.  Papa went to Belleville to church this morning.  Those that where at Henry’s for chicken dinner where Gus Geodell’s family us, & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, after dinner Henry & Frank Birkner’s family came, & Bill Freund, we made ice cream & then cake for lunch.  Oh! Boy, they had 2 gallons ice cream.  Bill was here for supper, afterwords, we went to Breezy Hill too dance, the Melody club furnished the music.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came she went to church.  Henry & Leona went to Breezy Hill too.  They got a reo light from Gus Geodell’s.

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